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Inter Takso - деспетчер хамка (2014-08-31 21:20:45)
Sinu Takso - На вабадусе если заказы атьни когда нет машин утром по выходным..хотя на стоянке с... (2014-08-30 21:57:57)
Euro Takso - ОБМАН.Как и IR фирма уже не та... (2014-08-30 04:19:40)
Global Takso - ОСТЕРЕГАЙТЕСЬ! ЖУЛИКИ. (2014-08-29 18:56:34)
Krooni Takso - Ei saa sellest vingumisest aru. 27km korrutada 0.55 eur annab juba 15 euri, kui lisada sinna alustustasu on juba 17.50 koos. Koplist linnasõit on ük... (2014-08-26 15:13:53)

Taksod.net - all about taxies

Taksod.net is a portal about taxies in Tallinn and other Estonian cities. The site is meant for people who use taxies as means of transport.

Taksod.net publishes information about current taxie prices, comparison of different taxies, tops (price and popularity), phone numbers etc. Visitors can leave their comments and ratings about the taxie companies and read other visitors' comments.


Lowest km price
A.A Takso - 0.34 eur/km, 2.3 eur start price
Inter Takso - 0.35 eur/km, 2.05 eur start price
Uus Takso - 0.38 eur/km, 2 eur start price
Sinu Takso - 0.38 eur/km, 2.1 eur start price
Rahva Takso - 0.39 eur/km, 2 eur start price

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